What I’d give – My Sister’s Murder Unsolved

www.myspace.com I wrote this song for my sister Diana Vicari three months after her arms were found in a dumpster. This video is more intense. The Vicari name was already famous for a very bad reason. I had to take a break as life got too difficult. Murder’s aftermath can bring great hardship. But I am becoming active in the victims rights groups and being an advocate again which is one reason for my becoming involved in the public arena again. There is a guy that is missing that is a huge suspect in my sister’s murder dismemberment case. JOHN MAZURE. I am thinking that maybe.. just maybe.. if I can get THIS video out.. with the news article and his name JOHN MAZURE – maybe somebody will know where he is. Maybe somebody will know who murdered my sister. Maybe it was somebody else but people have been contacing me about HIM A lot lately. Her murder is unsolved. The internet can work miracles. I am praying youtube can help solve this cold case. Please help. It only takes ONE person to know. Please pass this around. Please. Another suspect was LEMUEL PRION. Diana was also dating her drama teacher. My Mom was searching for Diana at both his place and his fiancees’ house. Consequently, the house where Diana’s car was found was a house in escrow belonging to the fiancee’s MOM. Pretty interesting eh??? Yeah a who done it if I ever saw one! Diana’s purse was in her car like she was only there for a minute and only took her keys in. I always suspected him but the police said he

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25 Responses to “What I’d give – My Sister’s Murder Unsolved”

  1. terriealdridge1 says:

    i know how u feel my sister was murdered sept 9th 2005 still unsolved i have her 3 boys there my world

  2. janika1105 says:

    @ladysongbird32 Girl spoken so wonderfully…. God may not come when you want him to, but he’ll be there RIGHT ON TIME! Keep the faith, NEVER give up if you know in your heart. Justice be it in this life or the next is going to happen.

  3. molloel1 says:

    @mjniggporchmonkey You really need to grow up. You prolly never met this family. This is not something that you need to sit here and make rude comments. This family is very torn and want to have this solved it is eating them alive.
    Debbie I am truly sorry for all the pain and stress this causes I really pray one day that this will be solved. I am not just saying this and then I will forget I will have you and ur family in my prayers that you can get some closure

    I am

  4. mjniggporchmonkey says:

    @illmakusmile yes fuck her she was only a slut hooker

  5. illmakusmile says:

    @mjniggporchmonkey NOT funny at all. You will have a hard time explaining this one when it is your time.

  6. evelove1958 says:

    WOW! This song is breathe taking beautiful, the words are sooo beautiful & the ladies voice is like an angel
    RIP dear sister

  7. silentfades says:

    My sincere condolence and thoughts are with you

  8. Ravendrkns says:

    im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sori 4 ur loss even though it happened in 2008 i didn’t no until now but remember she is in a better place now . .

  9. Crowrocker71 says:

    Remembering Diana Dawn Vicari, I hope the person responsible is caught soon.


  10. risadanielle says:

    I pray, in the name of Jesus, that the person who caused this devastating loss will come forward and admit to their mistakes. It’s better to confess your sins while on this earth and be forgiven, than stand before a vengeful God and face His Almighty Wrath. God bless your family, and may each day get a little easier to face.

    “And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them.” ~Ezekiel 25:17

  11. pjtnletsgovols9 says:

    I am also so sorry for your loss,I can’t believe the Police would just drop any leads they had unless they really checked them out,God Bless your Family.

  12. imhotep1 says:

    @colec018 There have also been cases where it was a big hogwash. I would never pay a psychic. I know people who have a gift. (I have been told I have a few of the spiritual gifts.) She can retrace her sister’s steps and talk to people once more. I have seen some startling new clues with people doing that, even a case where a witness was spoken to years later who failed to tell something.

  13. dayman137 says:

    Keep this in mind… the Killer will be caught. There will be a day when he pays the price by the human hand or by the power of the Almighty Christ. And Im very sorry for your loss… May God guide You and Your Family through life knowing that She is in Heaven now, In a better place. God rest her soul R.I.P.

    Once again, Im very sorry and My prayers are with you and your family.

  14. mjniggporchmonkey says:

    she was wanking me so hard and her arms came off hahahahahahaa

  15. mhutton11 says:

    i will take this and try my hardest to solve it when i become in the police force. i know what its like to know who is not involved in your loved ones murder because they will never find justice.

  16. 58teresa1 says:

    casey fan 001 these laws give the states more power to protect victims family’s in the justice process.debbie vicari lost her beloved sister to a very violent crime she has been a advocate and is very informed on her sister case from what i have been reading please give her the respect that you would what if your loved one had been murdered in such a violent way.you would want the some respect.

  17. ca94nhl says:

    He will get his, if not this life, certainly in the next. God doesn’t forget.
    Victims and their families have no rights, it’s all about the criminals.
    Wish you hadn’t have had to write or sing this song. You have a beautiful voice

  18. ca94nhl says:

    He will get his, if not this life, certainly in the next. God doesn’t forget.
    Victims and their families have no rights, it’s all about the criminals.
    Wish you hadn’t have had to write or sing this song.

  19. YellowMellowJello says:

    It must be very tough to live on without your sister, but some day, like the comment below me, the killer will be found and justice will be served. If not in this lifetime, then when it ends and the killer must meet face first with his/her maker. Your sister is safe in Heaven now, it’s just a shame she had to leave so soon. I don’t wish bad things, but I do hope that the murderer is haunted by guilt for the rest of his/her life. God bless. You’re a strong person.

  20. YourFutureToday says:

    Sorry for your loss. Perhaps I can help, please look att my video and, if you want to, send me the pictures.

  21. colec018 says:

    try to seek out a psychic they have murder solving psychics that accually talk to the deceasded to find out what happened to them. If you don’t believe in that sort of stuff well don’t bother however there have been cases that have been solved due to the fact that psychics where used. look up sensing murder and watch one of them to see what you might think of the possibilities of solving what you have lost.

  22. WhatsAfterThisPlace says:

    TO be honest man, Crimes solved in the USA are high when there is a witness or someone tells the cops a clue. If no one saw a murder then most likely it will not be solved unless there was a Camera. Other than that sorry for your loss and Wish you luck finding the killer.

  23. ReligiousZombie says:

    @west7productions Tucson cops are too busy harassing innocent civilians to spend time solving crimes.

  24. herstome5656 says:

    You should call America”s most wanted

  25. samuraininja021 says: